Book keeping




Total amount of coins to ever be created is 265,000,000. This is made by miners and the wallet staking. Staking is in basic terms interest. More info on wallet staking  at FAQ page. 

As of this posting 4/21/2016 there was 42,886,066 created. POW (mining) 42,811,400. POS (staking) 74,665. 

​18 Million was burned. Proof of burn click here     POB

This leaves us with an available supply as of this posting with 24,267,397.

CoExistCoin Fund wallet holds 11,726,960. It is locked and only used for a few reasons. 

1. To keep the lights on. Monthly fees to keep VPS running for block explorer and mining pool. Currently it is $10 US dollars monthly. I dont see why it would go higher than that unless the number of solo miners rises. 

2. Monthly donations to . This is not part of donations recieved. Donations recieved is 100% given to charity.

3. Development. There will be a wallet update, staking update and web site updates over the next month. 

4. Promotions. 

Over the next week we will be going over all transactions and posting it all so that it can be found by anyone on block explorer.