"Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water,              the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects."

                                                 --The Dalai Lama 


--- A monthly fund that goes to  http://www.water4.org/fightfortheforgotten . They work very hard to provide basic human needs to communities that have been decimated because of lack of access to clean potable water. 1 of 3 of their children were dying, all because of dirty or no water. Read Justin Wren's story at above link. It is a very inspirational tale.

--- Justin Wren's Fight for the forgotten 
is run by a great organization; water4.org   
 A portion of our collected donations go to
water4.org . Water4.org empowers impoverished peoples by teaching them to build and mantain shared water wells. They educate and supply all that is needed to those communities in need. 

Coexist.org is a special organization. They are helping break the cycle of conflict by creating opportunities for people to work and learn together. Coexist.org is in more than 33 countries helping people come together.

--- CoExistCoin will collect donations and sponser a water well in specific locations. More to come on this project.








          Why CoExistCoin? Bitcoin? Cryptocurrency?


The advantage of using CoExistCoin, Bitcoin and other cryptocurremcies rather than paper money is that money simply is not

traceable. When you use digital money like CoExistCoin or Bitcoin you get a transaction ID. You use that id and input it in the

explorer. You can track each and every transaction. In turn you can input the address that you sent the CoExistCoin or bitcoin to and

keep an eye on funds in that wallet. You can get CoExistCoin at the bottom of this page. ALL CoExistCoin  that you purchase will go to

the CoExistCoin charity fund.  If you rather get CoExistCoin on an exchange and get it at market price then you would you need to get

bitcoin and to trade for CoExistCoin. You can then send your CoExistCoin to your personal wallet on your pc or device or to our

webwallet to stake CoExistCoin. Staking CoExistCoin is like gaining interest. You can get up to 5% interest staking CoExistCoin. No

bank or Bitcoin is doing that. As CoExistCoin becomes  more adaptable the value of CoExistCoin like all other currency will rise.

If you choose to get Bitcoin to exchange for CoExistCoin we recommend using  Circle.com . Circle.com accepts credit cards and other

payments. They are safe, secure, reliable, proven and easy to use. Another service is  www.coinimal.com . They too are safe and


Bitcoin transactions can take anywhere from 15 to 45 mins to completely confirm the transaction. The benefit of using CoExistCoin

is that transactions are near instant. Also, part of our project is to use CoExistCoin's blockchain to record charitable donations.

The user friendly explorer that is to be developed will make tracking  anyones donation quick and easy.

​                                                           All bitcoin donations will be converted to CoExistCoin.       

                 Thank You so very much for becoming part of a team who's sole desire is to use modern                                                     technology to help others and keep charity's on the right path.
                                                    Thank You for being at the forefront of a new day.


100% of donations are given to charity

Below are the organization we are collecting for

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