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coming soon the best ever

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 CoExistCoin is a POW/POS crypto currency that is run on blockchain technology.

 POS or Proof of stake in simple terms means that your wallet will collect interest on your CoExistCoin. The amount you receive depends on the amount of CoExistCoin you hold in the wallet. At the moment it is receiving 3% interest. It will change to 5% shortly. This is great. CoExistCoin is helping you. Some people donate their stake to our fund.

 POW or Proof of work in simple terms means there are miners mining CoExistCoin. Every 60 seconds 50 CoExistCoins are mined and created. POW rewards changes shortly to 10 CoExistCoin every 60 seconds at block 245000.

 Both POW and POS work together to create CoExistCoin and secure the CoExistCoin network.
CoExistCoin is a digital currency and is trading on a these exchanges.