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Philip Lima
Friday, July 14, 2017

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  1. A new beginning
    03 Aug, 2017
    A new beginning
    Over the last 7 days there have been some major happenings behind the scenes in CoExistCoin. We set up an office address in the state of Delaware. This was followed by registering for a nonprofit charity Incorporation status. Delaware has charity friendly regulations compared to my home state in New York. Delaware is also blockchain and crypto friendly. It was just a natural selection for me to set up in place that would offer CoExistCoin the best opportunity with the least draw down. Our new
  2. Buffalo trip, Niagra falls
    20 Jul, 2017
    Buffalo trip, Niagra falls
    Hey hey everybody. I hope you all are doing well.  I just came back from a trip to Buffalo. The Buffalo area is a beautiful place this time of year. For those that do not know, most of the year in Buffalo it is cold and snowy. It borders Canada in the North West part of New York State. I reside on Long Island New York. It is a 6 to 7 hour drive each way. Also because it’s New York the traffic on the bridges dictates how long of a drive it can be. This time it took almost 11 hours to get
  3. The day is HERE!!
    15 Jul, 2017
    The day is HERE!!
    Wow. It’s finally here. After 2 years with our original X11 algorithm, it is time so say goodbye. We had many trials and tribulations with it up to this point. It did serve us well bridging us to the waves platform. For those of you that swapped, over thank you for being part of this humble community. I’m sure all crypto developers say this, but I truly believe our small tight knit group is amongst the most good hearted and honest people in the cryptocurrency world. I cannot thank you all