"Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water,              the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects."

                                                 --The Dalai Lama 
  Bitcoin donations address     1JYZQwQgVn3BHNshudSxT1dvoEnDfkK6u8 

Right now we are accepting donations through the WAVES platform wallet or bitcoin. ​​

You can set up to send USD, EUR or purchase bitcoin in wallet. Get a WAVES wallet here 

 ​Our WAVES wallet address to send donations     3PJQkCEDgjSCcKBnnDkNAikcF5JQp6XSEo9

Bitcoin donations address     1JYZQwQgVn3BHNshudSxT1dvoEnDfkK6u8 


   Why CoExistCoin? Bitcoin? Cryptocurrency?


The advantage of using CoExistCoin, Bitcoin and other cryptocurremcies rather than paper money is that money simply is not
traceable. When you use digital money like CoExistCoin or Bitcoin you get a transaction ID. You use that id and input it in a blockchain explorer. You can track each and every transaction. In turn you can input the address that you sent the CoExistCoin or bitcoin to and keep an eye on funds in that wallet. These cryptocurremcies are decentralized giving power to the people. Your currency is valid world wide. There are no borders for these currencies. 

                 Thank You so very much for becoming part of a team who's sole desire is to use modern                                                     technology to help others and keep charity's on the right path.
                                                    Thank You for being at the forefront of a new day.